February 18, 2013

What's wrong in America? BIG

The American political system has become bipolar with extreme wings because both sides want to protect their big interests.  The Republicans are backing big business in the name of markets, innovation and entrepreneurs.  The Democrats are backing big government in the name of fairness, equality and great society.  Both are big burdens on Americans.  How better to avoid an attack on your big interest then polarize the political debate so there is no middle moderates to call bullshit on both sides.  

Big Business loves big government.  Business wants one stop anti-competitive regulations and contracts in a centralized isolated bureaucracy.  It is more cost effective to send one permanent team of lobbyist to DC then travel to 50 different state houses to push legislation and win contracts  The permanent big club allows players to seamlessly move back and forth enhancing their personal wealth and interests.  

Our elected officials are suppose to represent the people's interests.  Now that they are for sale to the highest bidder, public debate is focused on  less important social issues that big interests are not interested in and remain silent on unemployment, income and wealth inequity and climate change.  

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